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Harley Quinn Background by bob8hiscow Harley Quinn Background :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0 Tribal Wolf 01 by bob8hiscow Tribal Wolf 01 :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 7 2 Tribal Skull 01 by bob8hiscow Tribal Skull 01 :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0
Flame and Flower
Can a flame not share its warmth with a rose?
 Engulf the fragile petals without destroying their beauty?
As the flares lap at the stem, are they immune to the thorns?
 Or do they cause the flame more intensity?
Is it possible for the rose to endure, engulfed,
 To survive and grace the earth with its presence another day?
Or will a flame only consume to destroy?
 Will the rose only be left mangled, wilted, and stripped of itself-
 Destined to be embers?
This flame can become a wildfire and level the forests - careless.
 But the rose, the flame dares not touch for fear of loss.
Fore even this supple rose to be oblivious to the heat the surrounds it,
 is better than the rose to pay it mind, be enraptured, and destroyed.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 2 0
Hope propels us in the air
 And causes us to soar.
With your head up in the clouds
 Your feet aren't on the floor,
Traction's set to zero, and
 You're going nowhere fast.
Holding on to hope alone
 Gets you stuck in the past.
While you float, the world goes on
 And spins under your feet.
Catch back up after you land
 Try not to lose your seat
Get stuck in hope for too long and
 You may just find it true
That everything has changed except
 The ever-hoping you.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0
The Smelter
The furnace burns hot
Behind cold and pale walls.
Illumination, though, is black.
For, rather than draw,
The light affronts.
Distance is an enemy,
The requisite evil.
With- bridges burn
     time rots
     blossoms wilt
     and severs separate
Without- claustrophobia closes
     depth shallows
     appreciation's choked
     spontaneity stripped
Warmth can be inviting,
Yet these flames consume.
To most, they overwhelm,
But only the purest gold
Survives the smelting.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 1 0
Piece for Peace
My heart aches today
 The pain won't go away
Still I wait for you
 And those words I long to hear you say
It can't come soon enough
 When I'll see you again
I long for you
 And your sweet embrace, my friend
Every hour of every day
 You're all that's on my mind
(And) unless I'm with you, baby,
 No peace do I find
Here again I find myself
 With you stuck on my mind
Waiting to be with you, babe,
 And tryin' to stay in line
My heart aches again
 This pain is here to stay
There's only one cure:
 For you to come steal me away
I've waited so damn long
 Just to hear you say
Deep down from your heart
 That you feel the same
If that day comes, you say to me
 It's absolutely true
My heart will feel such ecstasy,
 I don't know what I'll do
Every hour of every day
 You're all that's on my mind
It's amazing what serenity
 And peace that I'll find
Once again I'll find myself
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0
Dilexit Aeternum
-For Betsy-
For when you feel
 Alone and hurt,
The burden of life
 Is at its worst,
And everything
 Has got you down
Just lay yourself
 Upon the ground
Look to the sky
 And think of me
You'll find you're loved
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 1 0
Sweet as a rose
 But not without thorn.
At times, ice cold
 But usually warm.
Strong of will,
 Beautifully kept,
Sharp of wit
 And intellect.
Inspired, creative,
 Caring and more.
Honest and genuine
 Down to the core.
Curious, clever,
 Humorous, too.
Desired by many,
 Cherished like few.
Precious as ever,
 Rarer still,
Loved abundantly,
 Always a thrill.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0
The Determined
The wind whips hard his red cheeks and cherry nose,
Yet still he presses forward to a place only he knows.
The ones he passes only scoff and scorn.
His progress leaves him beaten, worn.
Foolish attempts is all they see,
Doomed to failure and misery.
But they don't see what's in his eyes:
His goal, his treasure, his keep, his prize.
They bid him stop, continue no more.
He turns a deaf ear and keeps moving forward.
For if he gives in and looks to the side,
He forfeits his journey, meets his demise.
Obstacles mean nothing, but still stand in his way.
A true champion, however, fights day after day.
For heroes aren't made when completion is won,
But rather when challenges are met, overcome.
So, despite the poor weather, lack of support, and threat of defeat,
The Determined endures each hardship he meets.
With eyes looking forward and legs carrying on,
With courage and will, regardless of brawn,
With visions of victory as winds for his sail,
The Determined alone will always prevail.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0
His and Hers
Sometimes I wish to see you,
 Sometimes, just for a hug.
Yet, other times I'm satisfied
 It's you I'm thinking of.
For now, I'll say I miss you
 For now, I'm holding on.
Yet, soon enough I'll see you
 And hold you all night long.
They way you make me feel inside
 The way I come alive
You know that you're mean just for me
 And should be by my side.
Sometimes, I wish to hear you,
 Sometimes, just for a kiss
Yet, other times I'm satisfied
 It's me you truly miss.
For now, I'm getting anxious
 For now, I'm counting down
Yet time can't move fast enough
 To when you come around.
The way I make you feel inside
 The way you come alive,
I know that I'm meant for you
 And should be by your side.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 1 2
Sacrifice Wasted
Breaking down the walls
 Tearing through the barriers
Forgetting any pain I have
 Going numb to feel.
Breaking off the chains
 Tearing through restraints
Neglecting all I have
 Not caring shows I care.
Breaking every hindrance
 Tearing through the obstacles
Abandoning everything I have
 I turn my back to see.
Breaking myself down
 Tearing up inside
Betraying all that's left of me
 To be the apple of your eye.
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 1 0
The world stopped turning quite some time ago.
 Nobody seems to notice, though.
Time's stood still for me since you left
 even if we agreed it's for the best.
Nothing seems the same now that you're gone
 save that I'll still love you with all my heart.
They say no matter what, the show must go on
 But I can't seem to move without your warmth.
Every day that passes I seem to miss
 Your laugh, your love, your company, and your kiss.
Life is but a blur when you're stuck in hurt.
 You can't run a race with your face in the dirt.
Why's it always seem the one thing that you need's
 the one thing in the world out of arms reach?
:iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 1 3
Laughing Skull by bob8hiscow Laughing Skull :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0 Heart 04 by bob8hiscow Heart 04 :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0 Heart 03 by bob8hiscow Heart 03 :iconbob8hiscow:bob8hiscow 0 0

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Everything is nothing
United States
Took down the majority of my deviations, so sorry if I deleted one you'd favorite-ed. Looking back on it, there was a lot of stuff I didn't consider to be mine. Whether it was manipulations of another's art, using their lines without their knowing so, or just making stuff with bits and pieces from all over, it didn't feel genuine. I will get around to re-posting my art, just as soon as I get it back into my computer.

Also, I'll be posting more scenery, since I've started to build up a collection of sunset photos and what have you. As a final note, I'll be posting my poetry. Not something I'd normally do, but I figured putting it up on DeviantArt's better than having it collect dust and being forgotten in my desk drawer. First drafts won't make it, and anything as raw as a couple months old probably won't make it, either. I usually put my poetry down, then take a look at it after I've forgotten about it and it's no longer in my head (anywhere from a few months or older) and see if it's up to par or needs editing. Just my way to make sure I step out of my emotions enough to look at it with objective eyes.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry again if I'd gotten rid of anything you had a particular liking for. If I did, send me a note. I'll try to find it and either re-post it or send it to you in a reply.



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